HOY Bhoomi ERP

HOY Bhoomi ERP


HOY Bhoomi is an Indian Manufacturing company of S.S. Drain Accessories. This software is build to manage their production, accounting and staff. There are many modules covered in this ERP. One can Take a look at Demo. Username : admin Password : 12345


  • Insert/Update/Delete Products
  • Insert/Update/Delete Invoices
  • Insert/Update/Delete Chalans
  • Insert/Update/Delete Employees
  • Insert/Update/Delete Vendors
  • Insert/Update/Delete Customers
  • Insert/Update/Delete Transports
  • Insert/Update/Delete PO
  • Insert/Update/Delete Raw Materials
  • Track stock of Products
  • Track stock of Raw Materials
  • Track Employees Advance payment
  • Track Total Sales
  • Track Total Profit and Loss
  • Track Invoices

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